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Cleaning Instructions

Sunfield fabrics are subjected to special treatment with a fluorocarbon which gives the following characteristics:
● Resistance to natural builds up of dirt.
● Oil and water-repellency for a long time.
● Excellent dimensional stability.
However, it is advisable:
● To remove dust periodically from the dry cover, with a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner.
● To wash with clean water at a temperature of not more than 96◦ F (30◦ C), when the dirt is persistent.
● To use trichloroethylene blotter: or a common dry cleaner for grease stains.
● To never use any other chemical product.
● To avoid the buildup of water bags in the middle of the awning, always keeping the fabric in tension and
with an adequate gradient.
● To never roll up the cover when the fabric is wet.


Wrap76 ends/inch. Yarn count: 20/2Abrasion ResistantYes> 20000 cycles (Test: ASTM D 1966)

Fill38 ends/inch. Yarn count: 20/2Finished Widths32”, 47”, & 60”

Finished Weight305 g/sq.m (9.0 Oz/Sq. yard)Standard Put Up65 yds per roll.

Tensile Strength (grab)Warp: 295 Lbs, Fill: 175 LBS (Test: ASTM S 5034)Heat SealableYes with a seam tape.

Tear Strength (Tongue)Warp: 13.8 Lbs, Fill: 9.4 Lbs (Test: ASTM D 2261)BreathableYes

Water Column>300mm (>12”) (Test: UNI 5122)TranslucentYes

Water RepellentYes (Test: AATCC 127-1985)OpaqueYes

Wetting-No. Droplet saturation.100. (Test: AATCC-22-1996)Heat Transfer FilmsYes

Stain RepellentYes Protective Fluorocarbon finishHeat Sealed insert FabricYes

Stretch FactorWarp: 0.3%, Fill: 0.3% (Test: ASTM D 3107)Sewn-in insert FabricYes

UV ResistantYes: 1500+Hours (Xenon Weather meter)Pressure Sensitive VinylYes

UV ProtectionRated: Excellent (Test: AS/NZS 4399:1996)Silk ScreeningYes

Color Fade ResistantYes 7/8 -8 degree solution dyed colors (UNI 7640)Hand PaintingYes

WarrantyYes 10 Years*UsesAwnings, Boat Covers, Banners etc.


*The warranty is effective only if the fabric has been unserviceable because of loss of color or strength from normal exposure conditions including sunlight and atmospheric chemicals. The warranty does not apply against deterioration of any kind due to fire accidents, burns, abusive use, malfunction, negligence, vandalism, perforations, or other acts of God. The warranty does not cover any labor or installations.

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