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Reef Pro

Reef Pro from Ultrafabrics
Inspired by the natural beauty of sea coral, Reef Pro features a matte two-tone texture across a palette of fresh shades. A blended twill backcloth and 16 weeks hydrolysis resistance makes this durable fabric ideal for a variety of upholstery projects. Reef Pro also alleviates cleaning stress thanks to our renowned ink & stain resistant solution, which wards off stubborn stains such as ink, denim dye, red wine, and more. Consider it a superior sensory experience for everyday life.


Interior Upholstery

General Specifications


100% Polycarbonate Polyurethane Surface

65% Reinforced Rayon Backing

containing TENCEL™ Modal fibers


Approx. 10 oz. Per Square Yard

Approx. 340 Grams Per Square Metre


Approx. 1.0 Millimetres


54 Inches / 137 Centimetres





ASTM D4157 / 150,000 Double Rubs (Wyzenbeek)*

BS EN ISO 12947-2 / 200,000 Rubs (Martindale)* *meets or exceeds


16 Weeks

ASTM D3690 Sect. 6.11 (Hydrolytic Stability)

ISO 1419 Method C (Accelerated Ageing)

Adhesion of Coating:       ASTM D751

Tear Strength:                  ASTM D2261

Breaking Strength:           ASTM D751

Tensile Strength:              BS EN ISO 1421


Light:             AATCC 16.3, 200 Hours, Grade 4

                       ISO 105 B02, Grade 6

Crocking:      AATCC 8, Grade 4-5 Wet & Dry

Flammability Requirements

• ASTM E84 (Adhered) - Class A

• CA TB 117-2013 - Pass

• FMVSS 302 - Pass

• NFPA 260 - Class 1

• UFAC - Class 1

These fabrics, when treated and/or used with other

compatible furniture components, have been shown

to perform under the fire test conditions of:

• ASTM E84 (Unadhered) • BS 5852 Source 0, 1 & 5

• IMO FTPC Part 8                (Cig, Match & Crib 5)

• BS EN 1021 Parts 1 & 2

Reef Pro Resists:

• Ballpoint ink                   • Betadine

• Blood                               • Denim*

• Mustard and Ketchup   • Red Wine

* Removal of denim dye may vary depending on the period of time the stain sets in. While Pro offers excellent protection, full removal is not guaranteed





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