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Marine Ultraleather

Outdoor Living and Exterior Marine Applications — Designed to defend against mildew, bacteria, and other microbes, these durable materials withstand fading and spotting to provide lasting defense, no matter the season or forecast. Antimicrobial — Features an EPA-registered antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of bacteria, while providing additional deterioration protection to the surface.

Coast stands up to the elements while delivering superb style and comfort. Engineered to resist water, deflect against mildew and bacteria, and endure regular cleaning and disinfection, it’s ideal for outdoor, marine, and commercial spaces. Its enhanced UV resistance ensures colorfastness and our unique microfoam layer keeps surfaces cool to the touch. Inspired by the soothing qualities of the coastline, this collection features a soft pebble grain with a supple hand and a curated palette of natural, organic hues.

Specifications below for Coast & Pumice


Marine , Exterior Upholstery

or Interior Upholstery


General Specifications


100% Polycarbonate Polyurethane Surface

65% Polyester, 35% Rayon Backing


Approx. 11.2-11.5 oz. Per Square Yard

Approx. 380-390 Grams Per Square Metre


Approx. 1.1-1.15 Millimetres


54 Inches / 137 Centimetres







ASTM D4157 / 400,000 Double Rubs (Wyzenbeek)*

BS EN ISO 12947-2 / 180,000-200,000 Rubs


*meets or exceeds


16 Weeks

ASTM D3690 Sect. 6.11 (Hydrolytic Stability)

ISO 1419 Method C (Accelerated Ageing)

Adhesion of Coating: ASTM D751

Tear Strength: ASTM D2261

Antimicrobial:               ASTM E2180

Anti-mildew:                 ASTM G21 Breaking Strength:       ASTM D751

Tensile Strength:          BS EN ISO 1421

Antibacterial:                AATCC 147

Cold Crack: FTM 5874 / CFFA 6a

Blocking: ASTM D751, 89-93



Light:                   ASTM G154, 1000 Hours

                            SAE J2527 1500 kj, Grade 4

                            ISO 105 B02, Grade 8

Crocking:         AATCC 8, Grade 4-5 Wet & Dry

Chlorinated Water:         AATCC 162, Class 4-5

Perspiration:                   AATCC 15, Class 5

Sea (Salt) Water:           AATCC 106, Class 4-5


Flammability Requirements

• ASTM E84 (Adhered) - Class A

• CA TB 117-2013 - Pass

• FMVSS 302 - Pass

• NFPA 260 - Class 1

• UFAC - Class 1

These fabrics, when treated and/or used with other compatible

furniture components, have been shown to perform under the fire

test conditions of:

• ASTM E84 (Unadhered)

• BS 5852 Source 0, 1 & 5

• IMO FTPC Part 8 (Cig, Match & Crib 5)

•BS EN 1021 parts 1 & 2


Cushions should not remain wet or be

covered when wet, as this will increase

the chances of mildew growth. Our Outdoor Living

products perform best when paired with an open

cell, reticulated, quick drying foam and/or a

waterproof barrier between the fabric

and foam. Utilizing air vents and/or a

mesh, open weave insert are also options.

Best stored in a dry, well-ventilated area

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